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Student Achievement at Columbus State University

A threshold of acceptable student achievement is interpreted here as a reasonable minimum level of student performance that should be achieved or exceeded in order for the institution and its students to be regarded as successful on a particular criterion. The thresholds in each area were established based on elements such as the institution's historical performance, data from comparator peers, University System of Georgia (USG) requirements, or accrediting or licensure agency requirements. These thresholds should not be confused with the aspirational goals that the institution hopes to attain or exceed in the area of student achievement.

Student Enrollment: 8,000 students

Program Enrollment:
• 10 students for associate degree programs (3-year average)
• 15 students for bachelor's degree programs (3-year average)
• 10 students for graduate degree programs (3-year average)

Retention of first-time full-time students: 68%
2020 Target for Retention of first-time full-time students: 75%

Graduation Rates for first-time full-time students: 30%
2020 Target for Graduation Rates for first-time full-time students: 36%

Total Degrees Awarded: 1,500

Program Productivity: The Board of Regents (BOR) of the University System of Georgia (USG) has established minimum thresholds for program productivity based a three-year completion average. The acceptable threshold for each degree level is as follows:
• Associate programs: 5 or more degree completers
• Bachelor's programs: 10 or more degree completers
• Master's programs: 5 or more degree completers
• Specialist in Education programs: 3 or more degree completers
• Doctoral Programs: 3 or more degree completers
• First Professional Programs: 3 or more degree completers

Course Completion: The threshold for a successful course completion rate is defined as an 80% productive grade rate (A-C) in at least 75% of undergraduate (1000-4000 level) courses. Conversely, the DWF rates for at least 75% of the courses at these levels will be 20% or less of all grades awarded.

Job Placement and Graduate/Professional School Placements: The threshold established for the job placement rate at the time of graduation is that 30% or more of the students will have full-time employment or have offers for full-time employment. In some programs, further study at the graduate level is desirable or required for career placement. Consequently, CSU considers its graduates successful if at least 10% plan to pursue graduate work or first professional studies immediately following graduation.

Certification and Licensure Examination Pass Rates: Columbus State University students in teacher education and in nursing programs must successfully complete a certification or licensure examination in order to be employed in their selected field of study. CSU's thresholds for successful passing rates of first-time test takers of the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) for teacher certification and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing Examinations (NCLEX) for licensed registered nurses are consistent with the State's mandates in that regard. That is, CSU's thresholds for successful teacher education and nursing programs require a minimum passing rate of 80% of first-time test takers per year or a minimum of an 80% average passing rate for the three most recent years.

Student Portfolios: CSU's threshold requires 95% of capstone portfolios to be rated as satisfactory (or higher) in student performance to be regarded as successful.

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